The Zhan Group of Observational Seismology

The Zhan Group covers the broad area of observational seismology, from subducted slabs in the deep Earth to shallow sedimentary basins in urban areas, from rupture processes of large earthquakes to seismic moment tensors during volcanic eruptions. We recently focus primarily on applying fiber-optic sensing technologies to build the next-generation seismic networks, both on land and in the ocean. Seismology is at a time of rapid changes, due to new technologies and shifting societal needs (e.g., climate change, megacities). Under this context, we also extend our research to problems that are outside conventional geophysics, such as global ocean warming, groundwater monitoring, and cryoseismology. The group collaborates extensively both inside and outside geophysics or academia, with fiber-optics experts, industry partners, and stakeholders.

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